Wash that _______ outta my hair

"Well, you don't have to look so dramatic about it!
Things like this happen every day!"*

I finally broke up with my shampoo. We had been together for years. Sleek.look by Matrix is a lovely product, consistently smoothing my naturally highlighted hair. My only beef is the price.

$18.99 for 13.5 ounces just is not in my budget anymore. When gas didn't cost an arm and a leg, I could justify the expenditure. For close to a year, I have had to grin and bear the price, because I just could not find a suitable substitute. Finally, I can proudly say that I found a grocery store brand that only cost me $4.49(on sale for $5.99 plus a $1.50 coupon!) for 10.5 ounces. Want a free sample?

Aveeno® has a great new, or at least "new-to-me," hair care collection, NOURISH+. I tried the NOURISH+Moisturize. Since my experience with grocery store brands has been disappointing, my expectations were low. Very low. Every line of hair care offers a "moisturizing" product, and none of them deliver. Until now.

Aveeno® knocked one out of the ball park with their NOURISH+ line. The shampoo has a nice, light fragrance, didn't weigh down my hair, and actually left my locks smooth, silky and without the need to add a detangling product post washing.

I am so pleased with this find, that I doubt I will go back to my old shampoo.

Dear Matrix,
I think we need a break.
I'm just going through some things.
I just need to work on myself.
I love you so much, but I'm willing to let you go.
It's not you, it's me.
We can still be friends!

The Aveeno® NOURISH+ hair care collection is available in:

NOURISH+ VOLUMIZE: With a fusion of lightweight conditioners, Nourishing Wheat Complex and Anti-Oxidant Blue Lotus Flower, this shampoo gives lush, rich life to limp locks.

NOURISH+ REVITALIZE: Infused with Nourishing Wheat Complex, this shampoo does much more than just nourish and cleanse your hair. It also helps protect hair's intrinsic moisture balance from everyday damage.

NOURISH+ MOISTURIZE: Nourishing Wheat Complex and Hydrating Oat Protein work together in this breakthrough formula to quench hair and replenish vital moisture.

NOURISH+ SOOTHE: This exclusive ACTIVE NATURALS® formula, with Nourishing Wheat Complex, Soothing Lavender and Cooling Peppermint helps soothe itchy, dry scalp.

Aveeno® is offering free samples on their site. Try it for yourself, and let me know what you think!

*Classic line from South Pacific. This post would not be complete without a lil Rodgers and Hammerstein. Enjoy!


  1. I'm using the same kind now and it is great!

  2. I was impressed, plus, it gave me an excuse to post about one of my favorite musical numbers. hehe


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