Brainy Dancer

I can't help but hum Elton John's Tiny Dancer whenever I see the right brain/left brain dancer. Watch her pirouette.

According to an article published on Perth Now, most people see her spin anti-clockwise. If you see her spin counter clockwise, you use more of your left brain than right, and those who see her twirl clockwise are using their right mind.

I see her spinning clockwise, but for me, she usually spins clockwise to 3 o'clock, then pivots, and spins counter-clockwise to 9 o'clock, where she pivots again and repeats her 180° path across the upper hemisphere.

After the jump, characteristics of each brain function, and a quiz!

Left Brains:
uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

Right Brains:
uses feeling
"big picture" oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

Hemispheric Dominance Inventory Test

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  1. oh, she spins clockwise for me. I guess I am still right brain dominate.


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