Remember ...

Months ago, I saw this picture on the web somewhere. Saving the pic, I never intended to republish it. If this belongs to you, contact me and I will remove it.

1. Whoever comes are the right people.

2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.

3. Whenever it starts is the right time.

4. When it's over, it's over.


  1. This is good stuff.... I could have used this last night when I hit panic mode as our annual book club picnic was moved from the park to my house due to bad weather.

    About a three hour notice on this and I am hitting the panic button - do I have enough pop, should I get more ice, who will show with the wind so strong trees are actually coming down?

    ..... ALL IS GOOD. :)

  2. Sheila, ironically, your comment is a lesson for me--I debated posting this for several days. Maybe from now on, I should follow my intuition. Your book club sounds lovely, all is good!


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