Time Capsule

Highlights from the past week:

1) I discovered the Day Zero project and created my own 101 in 1001 list. Writing the list was a challenge in itself. 3-23-12 will be here sooner than I know.

2) Sarah Palin announced she is stepping down as Governor of Alaska. Strategic? Or surrendering?

3) Biden says "we misread the economy."

4) Linda Castillo's mystery, Sworn to Silence, made it onto the NY Times best seller list at #35. My review can be found here.

5) 1.6 million people registered for tickets to Michael Jackson's memorial. Only 17,500 people will win.

Three things that I am looking forward to this week:

1) Monday morning. Silly, I usually dread Monday mornings. However, this Monday I will be working alongside a very talented woman. My gut says that I will learn a lot from her.

2) My mailbox should be crammed with several books that I have been anticipating. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that The Delivery Man by Joe McGinniss Jr is among the stash.

3) Entourage premires Sunday, July 12, 2009 @ 10:30pm! In all fairness, the only reason I plan to watch this season is to see my future husband play "a talent manager with tough talk that will become a nuisance for Eric this season."

(If anyone were reading this, I would be too shy admit my school girl crush on Scott Caan.)

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