About Miel Abeille

Let me introduce myself, technically, my name is Melissa, however, I sign my blog posts as "Miel Abeille." Sometimes that confuses people, but at least they are forewarned that I am naturally confusing.

The story behind Miel Abeille is simple -- I needed an email address, Gmail wouldn't give me a simple address with the name "Melissa," so I fudged things.  Melissa is Greek for honeybee.  I improvised.

Having studied a little French, and being smitten with the language, I translated "honeybee" into French and Miel Abeille was born! Legally, my name is Melissa McKee. You can call me Melissa.

Life long bibliophile and artist are two words to describe myself. I'm fairly certain I was born with a book in my hands! Reading fuels my hunger for life-long learning, and writing is an outlet for creative expression.

As an artist, I like to consider myself as a woman who sculpts with sentences and paints with words. Being creative, with my mind and body, comes as natural to me as breathing. Music, poetry, and nature are great sources of inspiration for me. When I'm not reading or writing, I like to express my creativity through culinary and visual arts.

In addition to Reminder List, I am the author of Bons Vivants.

What is a bon vivant? Technically speaking, "bon vivant" is the French term for a person who lives well, especially in regard to food and drink. Using poetic license, I expanded the meaning to a include nourishing the body, mind and soul. Here at Bons Vivants, topics discussed include personal growth, as well as products and services that enhance quality of life.

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Please send emails to reminderlisreviews@gmail.com.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!



  1. Ok... I just read this and you crack me up.... :)

  2. Ha! Resident clown, at your service. But, if I must be a clown, I'd like to be a french clown. They really do epitomize humorous sophistication, n'est pas?

  3. That IS very creative! I love the sequence of thoughts that led to Miel Abeille. How do you pronounce it?

  4. Oh Ashely, the pronunciation of Miel Abeille is a loaded question! Do you mean how do I pronounce it, or how is it meant to be properly pronounced?

    My pronunciation is "my-L" "ah-b-eel." I'll have to check with a native French speaker for the proper pronunciation.

  5. Haha, the native French speaker that I am will offer you a little help ;-) :
    "mee-L" "ah-b-ey"
    Does it make sense?
    Cheers !!

  6. Thanks, Caroline! You did make sense. Cheers!!

  7. if you like retro aprons...I have a lady I need to send you the website for. I just won one of her aprons in a giveaway...they're sort of faux-retro but really cool.

  8. Gigi -- I will be in touch with you about the retro apron lady. Thanks for the tip!


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