Medicine Cabinets past & present

Historic Houseparts is one of my favorite places to window shop on
the web. I recently came across this unforgettable find -- a vintage
medicine cabinet. Rustic, yet elegant, the fashionable find evokes a
certain nostalgia when the panacea for all of life's pains were found
in my grandmother's medicine cabinet. Those were the days that St.
Joseph's aspirin and Bactine, or a combination of both, cured every

A well stocked medicine cabinet should extend beyond baby aspirin, but
what are the necessities? Cruising through the grocery store, the aisles teeming with products promising to be the antidote for every symptom. I decided to bend the ear of my local Pharmacist and ask her advice on what type of products I should keep in my medicine cabinet.

Here is a comprehensive list of medicine cabinet must-have's:

Tylenol: reduces fever and treats headaches.
Advil or Motrin: relief from headaches and all-over aches & pains
Midol: relief from cramping, bloating, and PMS
Benadryl: seasonal allergies, and allergic reactions to insect bites
or food allergies
Bactine: disinfects cuts/scrapes, provides relief from itching/insect
bites (Alternative: Neosporine and Cortisone)
Mederma: applied after wound has heeled, reduces and prevents scars
Lozenges: provides relief from sore throat
Multi-sympton cold syrup: relief from sneezing, runny nose, coughing
Colace: stool softener for constipation
Pepto-bismal: multi symptom relief of upset stomach and other symptoms
including, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, and indigestion (Alternative: Tums and Immodium AD)
Ambesol: relief from tooth pain
Desenex: anti-fungal spray to treat and provide relief from athlete's foot
Honey: yes, honey. Soothes sore throat, aids digestion, induces sleep, and the list goes on!

Tweezers: splinter removal
Measuring spoon and/or dropper: ensures proper dosage of liquid medications
Assorted bandages, gauze, sterile pads, first aid tape and disinfecting swabs

Neosporin: antibiotic creme, disinfects cuts/scrapes
Cortizone: topical allergy cream, provides relief from itching due to
rashes or insect bites and treats
Tums: antacid to treat heart burn and acid reflux
Immodium AD: anti-diarrheal

Based on the prices advertised at Drugstore.com, the total cost for the supplies is roughly $200. My advice is to add a few items to the cart each shopping trip, to slowly build a medicine cabinet. (Be aware of expired medications in your medicine cabinet!)

*Disclosure: This is not intended to be medical advice. If you seek medical advice, please refer to a medical professional.

*Photo of vintage medicine cabinet courtesy of Historic Houseparts

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  1. That is a fun post. Love the cabinet above. My friend who has an old victorian style home would go nuts... she really loves to decorate with the white. I will connect her to your blog.


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