Hot Dog!

Today is "Hot Dog Day!"

Organized by the Luverne Chamber of Commerce, Luverne, Minnesota is home to the annual "Hot Dog Night," a celebration featuring a Wiener dog race, beauty pageant and free hot dogs!

But, the fun doesn't end there! Horse drawn wagon rides, mini train rides, skits, songs, and illusions are just a few of the scheduled festivities. With a population of only 4500, Luverne seems to be a darling American town with a strong sense of community.

A neighbor of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, residents of Luverne enjoy the benefits of a small town with the convenience of Sioux Falls, the Twin Cities, and Omaha just a few miles away.

Notable residents include:
If you attend the hot dog fest, please drop me a line, and let me know if it is half the fun I am imagining it to be!


  1. Ok - now I am curious.... where do you live? I am in central Minnesota. Next weekend my girlfriends and I are heading to the North Shore where we have a cabin for Beaver Bay Days.

    There is a book sale - I am sooooo excited!

  2. I grew up in a rural area of NJ, with suburbia encroaching. It's a town just west of Princeton. Suburbia has now taken over. (But really, it was rural growing up--I fed the goats after I came home from school!)

    I just came across the lovely town of Luverne and wanted to share it's quaint charm.


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