Kreativ Blogger [Award]

The Kreativ Blogger award is the brainchild of a darling Norwegian blogger, Hulda. Originating in both Old German and Hebrew, "Hulda" means "loved one." On May 5, 2008, Hulda introduced the "Kreativ Blogger Award" to the blogsphere. Hulda hand made the original award, before creating the digital button. Bestowing the award upon just four Norwegian blogs. Since then, the award has traveled the world, from Indonesia to New Jersey, with over 200,000 hits on Google! Thanks to Trin of Bloody Bad for passing the award on to me.

First, I would like to properly thank Hulda for creating the vessel in which bloggers can recognize each other's creativity while supporting each other. Interestingly, when you translate Hulda's blog with an online translator, the directions indicate to "divide it out."

Honoring the evolution of the award, here is a list of seven of my favorite things, followed by my nominees.

My favorite things: deadly vices and heavenly virtues

Scott Caan. They don't make men like him in Jersey.


A chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting.
Sugar + Sunshine Bakery


Seriously, can you blame me?


Heaven is on a hammock, in the ocean, with a book.


Patience: noun, an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness
or annoyance when confronted by delay


Christian Louboutin, how I covet thee!
The perfect ruby slippers a la Wizard of Oz!
Like a superhero, I could wear my "ruby slippers" incognito,
a silent reminder that I "had it in me all along."


Kiva: empowering individuals to lend directly
to unique entrepreneurs around the globe.

Passing the torch:
I would like to recognize the following blogs because they inspire me.

1. Book Journey

2. Crazy for Books

3. JannyPie

4. Love to Read

5. Take Me Away

6. Shhh I'm Reading

7. When She Reads

Sincere appreciation to Trin, from Bloody Bad, for honoring me, and Hulda, for creating the award!


  1. I am so excited - thank you! This is my first Kreativ Blogger award and I have coveted it so much!!!!

    I really appreciate this and will post about it later tonight (currently shot from the bike ride I went on today in St Joes....)


  2. This post is AMAZING!!!! You are so creative and thoughtful, I love the history of the award.

  3. Morning ladies!

    I must confess that I, too, coveted this award. Trin is a darling for thinking of me, and I'm happy that I got to "divide it out."


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