What self respecting book lover would be without a beautiful bookmark? Some books deserve better than dog eared pages or a grocery store receipt to note the spot you left off.  Here are a few gorgeous handmade bookmarks from my friends at Etsy.

For thirty-six dollars, you can have this sterling silver with Swarovski crystal bookmark which is handmade by The Little Shop of Sparkles.  Dangling from the shepherd's hook are crystal balls, bicones, butterflies and cubes. The Little Shop of Sparkles will customize your bookmark in any color to suit your tastes.  Based in London, England, The Little Shop of Sparkles ships throughout the United Kingdom, as well as internationally. 
Visit The Little Shop of Sparkles at 

"Daisy Face" is a five inch long bookmark with floral embossing and a pendant frame attached. A sunny photograph of a daisy will peer out over the edges of your book. Designed by Jude of Wearable Art by Jude, this bookmark costs only sixteen dollars. 

Bee-ing a "Melissa," the bumble bee bookmark from Nature Made Scents made sense to me! How adorable is this wire twist bookmark fashioned into a busy bee that hovers at the last page you read?  Melissa is Greek for honeybee, but in plain English, this bookmark is a sweet addition to my book nook. Pam, the designer, hand twists each book'marker™.  See more of her handmade creations at



  1. I simply LOVE bookmarks. I always buy them. (I have to admit - rarely use them like I should.. but I do try. My favorites always have quotes on them! Thanks for sharing these! They are beautiful.

  2. Nicole, quote bookmarks always give me those extra little words of wisdom. I couldn't agree with you more!

  3. Love the bookmarks! Gorgeous. I need one of these for my reading. :-)

  4. These are beautiful. I love bookmarks, but I can never convince Hubby that I need them. He says I should use an index card :-S

  5. I have bookmarks-quite a few, although none as fancy as the ones shown here! Somehow I still have index cards, receipts and post-its marking my place!!

  6. Peaceful Reader: Even though I love beautiful bookmarks, I usually use whatever is available when I need to mark my place, too.

  7. I heart bookmarks. But I'm also so picky about them. I want them to be a certain length and lay quite flat.


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