Denial of Sunlight

Robert Troy's first novel, Denial of Sunlight, is 333 pages of mystery, shock and awe. Beginning with a life changing discovery made by two brilliant, yet greedy, post-doctoral candidates on Christmas eve 1987, the story hooks the reader into a world of chemistry and physics leading up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The independent story lines and their characters are woven together to create an explosion of strong characters driven by a cohesive plot. While much of the mystery is based on an engineering project with details only a physics professor would be familiar with, Troy explains just enough of the science to allow the lay man to understand its importance to the plot.

The heroine of Denial of Sunlight, Katherine Murkowitz, is an engineer at a professional crossroads due to an unexplained accident at her previous employer. With her tail between her legs, she moves back to her hometown, depressed and financially unstable. Once Pittsburgh Power Pegs, "PPP," offers her a position that seems too good to be true, the action begins to heat up. Katherine finds herself and the small staff of PPP transferred to a production facility in China, working on a secretive project. Censorship, espionage and terror ensue.

Fans of medical mystery writers Michael Palmer and Robin Cook will most likely enjoy Denial of Sunlight, as the book is a provocative peak into the world of physics and its applications, twisted into a thrilling dooms day scenario. The element of political corruption heightens the thrill. An unexpected surprise awaits the reader as the book draws to a close. Denial of Sunlight certainly has me curious to read the next book by Robert Troy.

Denial of Sunlight

Robert Troy
Outskirts Press
ISBN-13: 978-1432751265
333 pages
Hardcover - December 1, 2009
Rating: Noteworthy

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