Review Policy

Books reviewed are rated based on their originality, usefulness, and forgettability factor. The forgettability factor ranges from ordinary to unforgettable.

Unforgettable--3 stars is the highest rating a book can earn. This rating indicates an incredibly impressive book or product, which can be enjoyed by a broad audience. Reviews bearing an "unforgettable" rating are for items Miel Abeille strongly urges you to experience for yourself.

Impressive--2 stars is reserved for books that are exceptional, but lack that little something that deems it unforgettable. All books and products with an "impressive" rating are highly recommended.

Noteworthy--1 star books have earned said rating because they worth being aware of, but lack an appeal to a large audience. Reviews rated "noteworthy" may be most enjoyed by the audience indicated in the review.

The rating of "ordinary" is reserved for books that were, in the opinion of Miel Abeille, disappointing and/or anti-climatic. These items were not especially original or usefull. Miel Abeille does not discourage anyone from reading a book with a rating of "ordinary," however, she would not recommend the item to a friend or enemy. No stars are earned for "ordinary" books.

Miel Abeille welcomes requests for honest book reviews. Most of the books reviewed on Reminder List are complimentary or advance copies sent for honest review.

The Reminder List review policy and guidelines are available to authors, publicists and publishers by request. Please send an email to reminderlistreviews@gmail.com for the details.

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