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Why did you start to blog? For me, I wanted an outlet to publish, while being involved in a community. The connections I've made through the blogosphere are growing, and I can't express how much I appreciate having friends from Seattle to Austin to Canada and every where in between. When I started blogging, I found a few communities that encouraged making connections and supporting each other. God bless SITS and The Lady Bloggers for introducing me to several of my blog buddies.

Then, I realized that I needed more. I went on a search for a community that welcomed foodies and crafters and bookies and mommy bloggers and the non-mommy blogger, alike. I could not find a site that offered education, networking and fun events. So, I summoned the DIYer in me, and partnered with Gigi of Kludgy Mom to create the site that was the missing piece of the blogosphere.

The Blogger's Concierge is our little baby. The site welcomes bloggers of all niches to join in the fun, much like a grand ole cocktail party! Our "Inside Tips" will guide your blogging, while the "Red Carpet Events" will give you a fun way to interact with other likeminded bloggers. Everyone is invited to join "The A List," which is our directory of bloggers who want to network and most importantly -- have fun!

The A List Affair
is the inaugural event. To join in the fun, simply write a post letting us know why you are an "A Lister." It's our way of having you introduce yourself to the crowd. Each week, Gigi and I, "the head concierges" will select one A List blog to be in the weekly spotlight post.

If you are looking for a blog that culls the internet for the best tips, and offers you fun events to participate in, I suggest that you join The Blogger's Concierge. Gigi and I have big plans for the site, and you don't want to miss what we have next.

Visit http://thebloggersconcierge.com to become an ultimate insider!



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  2. Hi Miel,
    I love the blogger's concierge. I'm heading over to take a better look!


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