Reminder List Facelift

Typing this, all I can hear is the echo from my finger tips hitting the keyboard and the anxiety of knowing that when I started Reminder List, I had a vision of a blog that encompassed all aspects of my life, the epicenter of which is books. Unfortunately, with a divided focus, I was not able to create a meaningful reading, or writing, experience.

After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that Reminder List should be a dedicated book blog. In addition to reviewing books currently in my library, and flirting with those classic books that "should" be read by any genuine bibliophile, I hope to earn the respect of authors and review their unpublished or newly published books. As a reader and a writer, I have always had a strong desire to advocate for books like a cheerleader rooting on the home team.

With the onset of the Chinese New Year, I have been busy designing a second blog, independent of Reminder List, which will be the blog which balances my divergent interests. Bons Vivants is a blog for those who are dedicated to the enjoyment of life, especially good food and drink. Bons Vivant is about nourishing the mind, body and soul, and appreciating life with all the senses.

Reminder List will be strictly book reviews, and Bons Vivants will be reviewing the remainder of what makes my life a life lived well. Hope you join me!


Comments are appreciated!

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